Top 10 Games Like Life is Strange – Best Similar Games

Life Is Strange is a single player game with Interactive drama and emotional feels. This game has five episodes. Life Is Strange offers addictive gaming experience. Just like Life Is Strange, there are some other games which are similar to this genre.

Here I am giving you top 10 similar games like Life Is Strange. I hope you guys will enjoy these games just like you enjoyed Life Is Strange.

1) The Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2):


These are the best alternative games like ‘Life Is Strange.’ By playing The Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2), the players can come across many difficult choices and consequences, and can give experiences just like ‘Life Is Strange.’ Season 2 of this game is based on the comic book named ‘The Walking Dead, ’ and its author is Mr. Robert Kirkman. This is an interactive drama video game, which can even be played on ps3 and ps4.

2) Heavy Rain:


Heavy Rain will give you a thrilling experience. It is an action-adventure game, and the primary purpose is, to solve the mysterious identity of a serial killer ‘The Origami Killer.’ Similar to ‘Life Is Strange,’ this is also an adventure and interactive drama fiction video game. This game is developed and published by Quantic Dream and Sony Computer Entertainment, and you can play it as your PC game, as well as on ps3.

3) Beyond: Two Souls:


‘Beyond: Two Souls’ is the another game developed and published by the makers of Heavy Rain – The Quantic Dream. It has been described as the closest similar game to ‘Life Is Strange.’ Just like it, this game gives best gaming experience with the emotional touch. This game is a Thriller, Action Adventure video game with the feature of Third-person Shooting.

4) Until Dawn:

until down

This video game is also an Interactive Drama video game with the Horror-Survival Genres. You can play this video game on ps4 just like other games. The condition is just like this – “Only your choices, determine who survives – Live or Die” This game is letting the players explore different clues which are hidden, and the trick is to hit the right button in the quick-time events.

5) The Wolf Among Us:

wolf among us

This game is based on the famous Vertigo comic book series ‘Fables’ by Bill Willingham, and DC Entertainment publishes it. ‘The Wolf Among Us’ is very similar to the ‘Life Is Strange.’ This game is developed by the makers of ‘The Walking Dead.’ You may feel a whole new series of choice and consequences by playing this game.

6) Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy:


This game is a cult classic and fully remastered in HD. You can get this game on Mac, by PC download, Linux, and even on the App Store. This game is also developed and published by Quantic Dream. As a similar game just like ‘Life Is Strange,’ this game also gives the player some difficult moral choices, different storylines, and few interesting characters.

7) Alan Wake:

alan wake

Remedy Entertainment develops this game. The storyline goes like this – Alan Wake, a novelist by profession suddenly loses his soul mate – his wife – and then he tries to find out the truth about this whole act. You as a player needs to think like the character of Alan Wake.

8) Firewatch:


We can include ‘Firewatch’ in the list of the games similar to ‘Life Is Strange.’ This game is a mystery video game which can offers twists and turns. All those gamers who love difficult games, this game can become a good satisfaction source for them.

9) Syberia (Season 1 & 2):


This is kind of an old game from the year of 2002, but this game offers a fantastic experience of thriller as well drama. Syberia is an Action-Adventure game and is best in its genre. Just like ‘Life Is Strange,’ Syberia is also offering an entirely different story, which is challenging and exciting.

10) Murdered: Sole Suspect:


This is an adventure game which is developed by Alright Games and published by Square Enix. You can play this game on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. This game comes with many interesting characters, which can give you some thrilling experiences. You should definitely try Murdered: Sole Suspect.


By concluding my article, I want to suggest my favorite games which I have found out the most similar to the game ‘Life Is Strange.’ They are Beyond: Two Souls, The Wolf Among Us, and Heavy Rain. You all must try such games if you like this similar kind of Genres.

I hope you guys like this article and find it fulfilling. And yes, always remember that Shifts are beautiful. Don’t be stable in the matter of games. Always try something new. Be wild and free. Happy gaming…

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